Slot Machine Review: Double Dragons

Double Dragons is an online slot game that takes use of the popularity of themes based on mythological creatures. The innovative minds at Yggdrasil Gaming have created a slot machine with a slick user interface. If you’ve ever played one of this developer’s games, you know they have fantastic visuals and engaging gameplay. This game follows that pattern as well. And a single dragon is the best there is, right? Obviously, a pair of dragons. The blue one and the red one. Each one stands for the element of fire or ice. If dragons and exotic creatures pique your interest, then this is the perfect game for you. It’s not only the visuals; the game mechanics and accessible extra features are also excellent.

Enjoyable Spins with Dragons

The game’s visual style is extremely typical for its genre. With the standard setup of five reels and three rows, you should feel right at home. These reels serve as a platform for a wide variety of symbols. The first four are represented by standard card suits. A green club, a blue diamond, a red heart, and a purple spade are among the suit symbols. There are also four variations on the dragon’s eye icon. These feature the same four hues as the suits of standard playing cards. The game’s rudimentary symbol set consists of just eight images.

In addition to the aforementioned reels, rows, and symbols, the game also has a total of 25 individual pay lines. You can’t change the number of times this occurs because it’s a hardcoded feature. However, you can play about with the worth of a single coin if you so choose. This ranges from £0.01 per line at the low end to £5 at the high end. As a result, you can wager up to £125 on each spin. You can also use the ‘Max Bet’ option to gain fast access to this maximum bet. In addition, you can use the ‘Autoplay’ option if you like. With this, you can play at the same stake for an infinite number of rounds.

Are You Hot or Cold?

Yggdrasil Gaming is well-known for its skill in implementing innovative extras into its games. You may find an excellent variety of these at Double Dragons as well. The ‘Dropdown Win’ is the first of these strategies. This comes into play anytime a player achieves a winning base game combination. It makes the winning icons disappear and new ones fall down in their stead. Because of this, it’s possible to rack up multiple wins from a single spin.

After this, there is the ‘Double Dragons Feature’ bonus. When four straight winning combinations are achieved, this feature is activated. During this bonus round, two Highstack Wilds, each of which may be up to 28 symbols in length, will be added to the reels.

Dragon heads are also represented as in-game iconography. These serve as wild symbols that have their own unique abilities. If a fire dragon appears as a result of a spin, it will transform two or three other symbols into wilds. In addition, there is an ice dragon that, if seen on the reels, would double the Dropdown Win. Collecting these symbols will also net you five ice free spins once you’ve amassed nine ice dragon heads. Five fire free spins can also be earned by finding nine fire dragons. Two ‘Dropdown Wins’ in the free spins mode are all that’s required to trigger the ‘Double Dragons’ bonus we discussed before.

Closing Statement

We can find no flaws in this game to criticize. From the aesthetically stunning visuals to the remarkable extra functions, it has a lot to offer. In addition, it’s built on a fantastic thematic foundation. We’re big fans of anything with dragons in it. You know the game is good if it comes from Yggdrasil. You should begin playing immediately at one of the new slot sites.






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