Hi. My name is Jenifer Anna.

I’m a Butter Lover.

Most people feel they already know a bit about me based on the little stories and memories I share in my food blog, “Ooh you tasty little things…”, but that’s just the beginning.

I grew up in a small, country music loving town full of mostly my relatives, in fact- the two houses I lived in during my childhood both were surrounded with the houses of my aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, as well as grandparents, cousins, and more random relatives like “Mom’s cousin’s husband’s parents” or the ever present Once, twice, or three times removed relatives.

One of my friends once said it best when they called the street I grew up on- “The Compound”, because thats basically what it was… A little piece of land where everyone knows everyone else, and most of them had seen me do something embarrassing at some point in time during my childhood. This made for sometimes awkward situations walking to the end of the driveway to get the mail, but somehow we all survived.

I’m the short one.
Yes, that’s a black plastic garbage bag “bee” suit.

Lots of things happened during my childhood.

For example-

I wanted to be an astronaut. When I was 5 years old, my kindergarten class all gathered around the television to watch the space shuttle Challenger launch… Lets just say, a little after a minute into it, I no longer wanted to be an astronaut. From then on out, my lifes goal was to be an artist.

…Of course my gramma attempted to snuff out this dream by informing me that artists don’t make any money. It took me about 5 minutes to decide that if I couldn’t be an artist, I’d be a baker.

Lucky for me, you can be an artist and a baker at the same time.

The rest of my “ascension”from crazy child through the years of being an angst ridden teenager, all the way until my early 20’s, actually, is kind of an amalgam of friends, food, family, anecdotes, Murphy’s law and the invention of the internet. ah… sweet sweet internet.

I have to love the internet. After all, its because of the internet that I met my Prince Charming, My little cookie monster- My Husband. I’ll spare you all the details, lets just say that his poorly translated French love letters and references to the ability to rent midgets and pygmies won me over, and we were married in June 2006.

Since then, we’ve moved from Vancouver Washington to Seattle Washington.

My husband, our hamster Dave, a large collection of robots, action figures and 80’s icon figurines and myself, call this place home. We’re still getting the hang of being Seattleites. So far as I can tell, as long as I keep my head down, act real snarky, shun umbrellas and drink plenty of Starbucks, I’ll blend in just fine.

It shouldn’t be too hard, considering I managed to blend in with the Portlandians, which basically means I had to wear lots of dark colours, keep my head down, act real snarky, shun umbrellas, use key words and phrases like “Ride the Max”, “Portland Streetcar”, “NoPo”, “Inner SE”, “Stumptown” and “vegan”, and appear to actually give a crap about indie shows. Almost the same, right? Heck, being a Seattleite might actually be easier.

In addition to all that, I’m a big nerd who draws cartoons, enjoys folding towels, likes watching sci fi shows and movies, and is slightly obsessed with Alice in wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

Oh yeah, and on occasion I make tasty food and take pictures of it.

That’s really about it.