Banana chocolate pudding

I had it pointed out to me this morning that my vegan pudding recipe is the same as one posted on a PETA website. I was not aware of this, and insist it is purely an awkward coincidence. I’m sorry if this has offended anyone (as it has apparently offended this commenter, who accuses me of copying it) but I didn’t mean to cause any problems. I’ve never even heard of or seen the website they accuse me of stealing it from, before.


I would, however, just like to make note that also on this “recipe” site, there is a “recipe” for vegan grilled cheese sandwiches.  I hardly think that anyone who’s ever said they created a recipe for vegan grilled cheese should be accused of stealing it from this website. The truth is, the internet is a big place. With so few ingredients, someone is bound to have an identical recipe, somewhere.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever had the *ahem* pleasure, of hearing the Banana phone song, you’re probably wanting to kill me right now, because it’s already gotten stuck in your head.



Rather than sit and discuss at length the social ramifications of this song… I’ll talk about something else.

Bananas are seriously one of the best fruits on the planet, aren’t they?

You can use them as a base for smoothies, fruit soups, ice cream, puddings, or you could just eat them by themselves.

You can use them as part of a dessert, or a savoury dish. They’re just that delicious.

I have always loved bananas. I even nicknamed my little sister “Nanner Chunk”… Though there was a period of time there where she REALLY didn’t like that nickname, at 14 years old (oh god I’m old), she’s come around to where she appreciates her unique nickname.

For me, a really classic pairing for bananas, is chocolate.

Back when I was a kid, I had this totally awesome kids cookbook with all sorts of neato kid friendly recipes in it. This cookbook really was one of those things that really sparked my interest in cooking. It was called “Kids Cooking: A very slightly messy manual”

Inside the book, it had a recipe for “Frozen bananoids” which were frozen, peeled bananas on a stick, dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in all sorts of things from M&M’s to toasted coconut.


Not only could I make it with very little effort or work (gimme a break, I had a hard time concentrating as a child) but who doesn’t love a little fruit with their candy? Chocolate, Candy sprinkles and a little banana? Delicious.

…though really, I know one of the biggest reasons I loved this recipe was that there were little cartoon Penguins on the page around the recipe, and I love penguins. This recipe had the penguin seal of approval, and so it gained mine as well.

Truth be told, I don’t think I made very many of the other recipes in the cookbook. My mom sort of didn’t like me being in the kitchen because I had a tendency to make messes and either clean them up at the last second, or not clean them up at all.

So making brownies wasn’t exactly something I did very often.

But she was totally cool with me freezing bananas. I don’t think she really was very fond of me dipping them in chocolate, but I tried to keep that part as under wraps as possible. Sneaky frozen bananoids was the name of the game.

Anywho, since then, I’ve done a lot of banana/chocolate combos. Mostly banana and Nutella sandwiches (OH DEAR GOD YES), but also banana and melted chocolate, or banana and chocolate ice cream.

And of course, today’s treat, Banana Chocolate pudding.

… I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a vegan version of it. Ever since last year when I really found that chocolate and tofu were really a tasty combo, I’ve played around with it, adding different things… and after much trial and error, I’ve created a really delicious Vegan pudding.

Vegan Chocolate Banana Pudding recipe-

1 banana
2 cups silken (soft) tofu
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup sugar

Process in a blender or food processor until smooth. Chill for at least one hour before serving. Top with Dried Banana Chips.

Its also super easy to make, which is awesome.

So I made myself a tasty little nostalgic snack, that, while not quite as rich as a chocolate dipped frozen banana, still tastes really good.


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